Power Flushing

Powerflushing is the fastest, most efficient and effective method of cleaning a central heating system. The principle is to create a powerful fresh water flow under controlled conditions to agitate and remove debris from the system. By connecting the powerflushing unit via either a TF1 Filter Adapter, a Pump Head Adapter, a boiler or radiator the system can be thoroughly cleaned of limescale and corrosion debris.

Why Powerflush?

  • To improve radiator performance and heat output
  • To extend the life of the boiler
  • To avoid costly repairs, breakdowns and call-out charges
  • To validate the boiler warranty
  • To reduce fuel bills and save money


Power-flushing a heating system prior to installing a new Worcester Combi boiler using the Fernox Powerflow flushing machine and Magnetic Filter which capture the Iron Oxide from the system.


Magnet capturing the Iron Oxide (Sludge) from the heating system

IMG_5456 IMG_5457


Thermal Image of radiators before and after we power flushed heating system

IMG_6010 IMG_6060